Month: May 2007

  • Cast-Off 3

    Cast-Off 3

  • Cast-Off 2

    Cast-Off 2

    Some chaps at Electric Picnic last year. Can’t remember their name, but they were great.

  • The Cast-Offs Part 1

    The Cast-Offs Part 1

    Well I have been dead lazy lately and the poor blog is getting neglected, so I am going to throw up a random photo from my flickr. Every day. I’ll try to do one every day. Here is my mam taking a picture of my sister. Photoshoot how are ya.

  • A song we wrote at work

    A song we wrote at work

    At lunchtime of course. It’s a tribute to the crazy weather of late. You’d never keep a brolly up in that As I was sitting at my desk one day I looked out the window It’s a dirty old day for the month of May The trees are blowin’ The wind is a howlin’ It’s…

  • Storm damage!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Storm damage!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think that warranted all of the question marks, frankly.

  • Budgie on the balcony

    Budgie on the balcony

    This post comes courtesy of Mal. It couldn’t go on his blog because, “it has nothing to do with football.” Now I feel like someone who will post any oul’ tripe on their blog. “Ooh I saw a rainbow today.” “Here’s a picture of my toes.” “Look at what I had for my tea.” To…

  • Cargo Sofia – Dublin

    Cargo Sofia – Dublin

    We just went to see this. It was great. It is fun going around the city at night in the back of a truck. The story was really interesting, and the reaction of people on the street to the truck was hilarious. I think it’s on till Friday and if you can go, you should.

  • An Annual Event

    An Annual Event

    Well, I was in Galway with work this past weekend. I am still catching up on sleep, along with the rest of the office.