Month: August 2007

  • Oh no

    Oh no

    I have run out of Grey’s Anatomy to watch on my bike – any suggestions for another programme?

  • Another oul’ plug while I’m at it

    Another oul’ plug while I’m at it

    These pure geniuses have set up a fabulous Home and Away website. Their dedication may waver, but their passion is true.

  • PS


    Well yer man is home with bags galore. Chapters on Parnell Street is a great place for a doss about.  And God bless cameraphones.  

  • The Argus

    The Argus

    Those of you not from the North-East will be unaware of this sparkling publication.  The Argus is the local newspaper for Dundalk and surrounds.  I always have a scan to see if I know anyone in it. Also the obituaries are often along the lines of “Mary loved dogs”.

  • The Batman of Oirland

    The Batman of Oirland

    Deh neh deh neh deh neh deh neh Batman! This fella looks like he’s just about to swoop down over O’Connell Bridge. I think so anyway.

  • Timberrr


    This weekend Timberrr really came into its own. A game of skill and balance, it is totally different to Jenga. When the beautiful hardwood pieces come toppling down however, the sense of disappointment is strangely similar.

  • Pure Chemicals

    Pure Chemicals

    This was when it was sunny there for about forty seconds.

  • Flowers