Month: January 2008

  • 99 bleedin’ cent

    99 bleedin’ cent

    I can’t believe this. A bar of Dairy Milk, your average, run-of-the-mill chocolate, is 99 cent! As Mal said, “I remember when they were 26p”.

  • People are kind

    People are kind

    Hey! I’m on the long-list for the Irish Blog Awards. That was nice of someone. Especially given how lazy I’ve been lately! Anyway, I thought I better put something up to mark the occasion, so without further ado, I give you… Pink Water …and Pencil

  • Supermarket


    I found Supermarket via Swiss Miss. It’s a lovely website with lovely stuff on it. Oh, lovely. I’ve already bought two cat stickers for the wall. P.S. You still can’t beat Etsy though.

  • I’m quite obsessed with this

    I’ve listened to this at least ten times today. Maybe I could love you. Maybe I was lying because when you do love someone sometimes you say you don’t because you’re playing hard to get, playing a game. Games? Yeah, I was just playing a game with you. Love games? Thats right, love games, Gregg.…

  • You know, Rathmines was just so lovely I thought I’d stick up a couple more, sure why not?

    You know, Rathmines was just so lovely I thought I’d stick up a couple more, sure why not?

  • Lovely Rathmines

    Lovely Rathmines

    I was in Rathmines today; it’s a lovely spot altogether. Especially since we actually had a bit of sun.  

  • This is my life now

    This is my life now

    It is too wet and rotten out to do anything other than make tea and polish off the Christmas chocolate.  The selection box is being rapidly depleted.  I think I’ll make tea now, in fact.

  • BCN NYE!

    BCN NYE!

    In Barcelona cheapness is a virtue. This wee fella was just watching the dancing. This lady was very dainty on her feet. This dance easily went on for twenty minutes. We thought it might be a Catalan Endurance Test. Sure they get two Christmases there, practically! Loads of fancy holiday drinks were had despite the…