Month: May 2008

  • I make paella now

    I make paella now

    Excuse the orangey picture, but look at what I made! I got the recipe from Letters on Lunches and it is delicious.

  • New site

    New site

    Well, it took me an age to get around to it, but here’s my new, name-bearing site.

  • Reunited and it feels so good

    Reunited and it feels so good

    Well, we had a college reunion. It was in Nealons.   It was jammed.

  • Daisy, daisy

    Daisy, daisy

    All the guests at wedding number two received these lovely flowers. Way to keep us sweet.

  • The romance

    The romance

    Brook Lodge is a mighty romantic spot. I’m not a hotel person but I would love to go back (Mal).

  • Two weddings

    Two weddings

    We had two weddings this weekend. They were brilliant. Thanks lads!

  • Further adventures in hair (so fascinating)

    Further adventures in hair (so fascinating)

    The poor gruaig was a bit dry and worse for wear after the blowdry extravaganza of the weekend. I sorted that this evening though, when I lashed on the conditioner. I fully expect to have silken locks come morning.

  • What Katy Did

    What Katy Did

    Our news Joe had pasta for tea. Sarah’s mammy is having a new baby. Back in the day when we did “our news”, it seemed like every day there was a new baby on the way. You wouldn’t get that nowadays. Anyway, what I did today: I got me hair cut and the hairdresser then…

  • Summer-y-ish


    The weather was so good this weekend that we got our first dose of Iveagh Gardens. The boys played aerobie while I panned out.