Here are some swans




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5 responses to “Here are some swans”

  1. Suse Avatar

    Oh how cute! All the teenage swans with Daddy swan bringing up the rear 😀

  2. John B Avatar

    Was that over at the Basin? I was over there yesterday and spotted them. Keep an on the tree in the corner in the afternoon. A heron sleeps up there. And on a hot sunny day (i.e. never) you can see soem huge carp coming up to the surface. Both they don’t photpograph all that well. Not for me anyway.

  3. Katherine Avatar

    Ah twas on the Liffey in dear old inner city Du-ub-lin.

  4. John Braine Avatar

    Oh. There’s an identical swan family in the Blessington basin which isn’t far from your biscuits on dorset street. Lovely little spot in D7, if you don’t know about it…

  5. Katherine Avatar

    Maybe they were on their holidays – I do know the basin it’s lovely isn’t it?

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