Month: April 2009

  • Balbriggan


    I’m doing a photo course, and last weekend we went to Balbriggan – see?

  • Magome and Tsumago

    Magome and Tsumago

    Magome and Tsumago are up in the mountains. They’re old postal towns and apparently their appearance hasn’t changed much since the Edo period. When we arrived in Magome it was very, very dark. It was also snowing. There was no-one home (or no-one answering) in most of the houses.   They did have ye olde…

  • Nara


    Nara has a shedload of World Heritage sites, but it also has: Cool signs, Loads of deer, Huge statues, And orangey things.

  • Kyoto


    Ah Kyoto. Kyoto was great; this is what we saw: Good-looking shrines, Good-looking temples, Colouredy drapes, A massive Buddha, People without shoes, Fake geishas, Cherry blossoms, and dog hairdressers.

  • Kinosaki-onsen


    Next, we went to Kinosaki-onsen on the very efficient train. It was raining when we got there, but we didn’t mind; we were there for the onsen/public baths. Obviously no pictures of them! This is about as close as you get with a camera… It’s a lovely little town. The next day it was a…

  • Hiroshima


    I liked Hiroshima very much. It is a very friendly city – and it didn’t hurt that it was sunny and warm that day either.

  • Fukuoka


    It was very exciting to get to Japan. Fukuoka seemed like a good spot – eh, loads of telecommunications… A good bus system – see how the fare goes up the further you travel? And everyone was on (nice, non-vandalised) bikes. Pity we couldn’t stay longer.

  • A lot of up

    A lot of up

    Eoin brought us on a hike outside Daejeon; a good view was our reward. Here are two chaps taking it in.

  • Templey misty

    Templey misty

    This is Inwangsa in Seoul, it’s a Buddhist temple.  Manys the chant we heard coming from it. There’s a rock there where pregnant women go to pray for a boy.