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  • Glenda (Lough)

    Glenda (Lough)

    The photo course saw a load of us in Glendalough on Sunday morning. We were there and back by 10:30AM, so even if I hadn’t taken a single photo, I’d still think I was great.

  • How do yis like me cows?

    How do yis like me cows?

  • I make paella now

    I make paella now

    Excuse the orangey picture, but look at what I made! I got the recipe from Letters on Lunches and it is delicious.

  • Last loop

    Last loop

    I learned how to knit at St. Malachy’s school in third class, but was never very good. So now the Internet is teaching me.

  • Crash!


    Well, not really a crash I suppose. Just a pause. I was updating WordPress and sure I had so many things open that the spinning wheel of death popped up for a while. Anyway, the job is done now. Now to update