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  • Irish bank on 5th avenue, Bank of Ireland New York!

    I love this. What is the guy singing after “it’s the bank all my friends choose”?

  • New site

    New site

    Well, it took me an age to get around to it, but here’s my new, name-bearing site.

  • In the Name of the Fada – online

    In the Name of the Fada – online

    We’ve been watching the Des Bishop show, In the Name of the Fada, online on the RTE website. It’s a great service, especially for the likes of us who keep missing things on the real telly. But there’s no full-window option, which means reading the subtitles can be a bit difficult!

  • Crash!


    Well, not really a crash I suppose. Just a pause. I was updating WordPress and sure I had so many things open that the spinning wheel of death popped up for a while. Anyway, the job is done now. Now to update

  • Told yis we weren’t messing

    Consider yerselves privileged, people, for here is the first incarnation of the Home and Away website. We will be looking for contributors when all is ready.