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  • Bag of Cats

    Bag of Cats

    I got this from Paul. What’s the “bag of cats” saying?

  • Swap


    My picture to Paul: His picture to me (I might frame it, it’s lovely):

  • Paul’s painting challenge

    Paul’s painting challenge

    Paul and I are sending each other a painting a month. I imagine my pictures fetch a high price in Korea seeing as they are painted by a genuine Irish redhead. Paul, here is a clue as to yours…it’s in the sky as we speak.

  • A wedding tale

    A wedding tale

    Recently I attended a wedding, at which there were a couple of intruders. First, they stole onto the grounds. They were cast aside, but that didn’t stop them. However, they soon got their (slightly disturbing) comeuppance. The end.

  • Paul and Jesus

    Paul and Jesus

    There were never two people better matched than these.